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Witka Kova

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Dr. László Kova

Our performances
are deliveries to galleries, art-dealers... and
showings in Germany and foreign countries

Our products
are lithographs, etchings, watercolours,
monotypes, paintings and sculptures in bronze.

Topics of our pictures
are nudes, still lifes, landscapes, abstracts.
Publication of our works
are at The Art House, Heye Verlag, PGM Art World,
Art Depo, Artes, Kunstanstalten MAY,
GalerieVerlag Bodek, Shell Hamburg...

Our pictures hang
with private-collectors in Denmark, Germany,France , Italy, Japan,
Mexico, Norwegen, Austria, Polen, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary and in the USA
and with public collectors
in Germany, Italy and Hungary.

Edition Kova
participates regularly at fairs:
International Frankfurt Fair Ambiente
International Frankfurter Fair Tendence
International Frankfurt Book Fair and
takes part at exhibitions
in galleries in and outside Germany

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Witka Kova

born at the 11.12.1955 in Sensburg/Poland, was already as a small girl
fascinated of the colorful world of the north-polish landscape.
She liked to draw as a budding architect and painted
with growing security in watercolor and acrylic.

Among other things, she completed her empirical knowledge
through courses in Poland and Germany. Finally she studied art
at the Art Academyof Blankenese Hamburg.
She painted outdoor landscape throughout several summers
with the Austrian artist Bernhard Vogel known out over Europe.

Her pictures again mirrow a reasoned composition, skillful ease
with the colour-formation, a security of the brushwork and
an emotion-strong expression.

The development of the artist is marked through numerous showings.
Her watercolours hang at collectors in several European countries and
were published as art-prints as well as in calendars.

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László Dr. Kova

born on the 14th of November 1940 in Hungary, wrote already as a child
poems and stories and illustrated them. After the High School Diploma, he
completed his study for the teaching profession in Eger, studied political
economy and confered a Doctor`s Degree after it in Budapest. However, he
prescribed himself to the art: He paints lithographs in watercolor, acryl
and oil, does etchings and molds sculptures.

His works transmit confidence and optimism. That of the Hungarian
throughbred-artist developed painttechnique itself has clearly recognized
a sensitive frenze of color and form.

Kova`s "pictures full of joy for life" were already displayed successfully
innumerable times also on international levels and frequently were
published: for example at The Art House, Heye Verlag, PGM Art World, Art
Depo, Artes, Kunstanstalten May, GalerieVerlag Bodek, Shel Hamburg...

With private-collectors, his pictures hang in Germany, France, Italy,
Japan, Mexico, Norway, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary and
in the USA and just as in public collections in Germany, Italy and Hungary...

László Kova is active in literature also. He writes Hungarian and German,
is a member of the Literature-Club Gyula Krudy in Budapest, participates in
the Authors-Circle in Lübeck and in the Authors-Club in Hamburg. His poetry
and short stories are published in Germany and Hungary.

He was the founder of the Culture-Club of the exiled Hungarians 1974 in
Stuttgart and led it until 1980. Particularly in this time period, he
actively took part in the Hungary-language exile-literature in the West.
His lyric was published in the local exile-magazines
in Europe, America and Ausralia.


László Kova writes as a free journalist Hungarian and German for
miscellaneous daily newspapers and magazines. His topics are info-service,
education, culture, art, sport/tourism and economy mainly.


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